Jindal di pipes price list

Jindal di pipes price list

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Total Capacity: 0.93 Million Metric Tons per Annum Jindal Ductile Iron pipes
Jindal SAW Ltd. holds a firm position in the market of Ductile Iron Pipes, which makes the organization the leader in the area of water and waste water transportation. Jindal SAW’s multiple domestic and international manufacturing units cater to ever-rising demand of DI pipes every year.

These Jindal Ductile Iron pipes are manufactured by Jindal SAW Ltd. The world-class Jindal DI pipes to roll out from the India and Abu Dhabi, UAE Plant. Check Jindal di pipes price list

Product Name : Jindal Ductile Iron Pipe with Socket & Spigot, Flange Joints
Class of Jindal di pipes : C20, C25, C30, C40, C50, C64, C 100 & Class K7 & K9
Jindal pipes Size Range : DN 80 mm to DN 1000 mm
Jindal pipe External Coating : Zn & Zn-AI Coatings, Blue/Red Epoxy or Black Bitumen
Internal Coating of Jindal Di pipe: Cement Lining of OPC/ BFSC/ SRC/ HAC

Product Name : Jindal Pipe Fittings
Jindal Pipe Fittings Joints : Socket and Spigot & Flanged Joints
Size Range of Jindal Fittings: DN 80 mm to DN 2200 mm
Jindal Fitting External Coating : Zinc/ Zinc Alloy, FBE, Blue and Red Epoxy
Internal Coating for Jindal Pipe Fitting: Cement Lining OPC/ BFSC/ SRC/ HAC, FBE

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Di pipe price list

  • Ductile Iron Pipes K9
    Approx Price: Rs 999 /Meter
  • Ductile Iron Pipes K7
    Approx Price: Rs 869 /Meter
  • Ductile Iron DI Spun Pipes
    Approx Price: Rs 869 /Meter
  • Ductile Iron Water Pipes
    Approx Price: Rs 869 /Meter