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K7 ductile iron pipe suppliers

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K7 ductile iron pipe

K7 ductile iron pipe

Di k7 water pipes

Di k7 water pipes

K7 socket and spigot pipes

K7 socket and spigot pipes

K7 Ductile Iron Pipes can handle less pressure than DI K9 Pipes. To get the right DI K7 pipes specifications required, all one has to do is contact the many wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and exporters online, who sell this product. DI K7 pipes pressure rating varies and this would be based on the Nominal Diameter and the Nominal Wall Thickness of the pipes. Complete details of ductile iron pipes price list can be obtained by doing an online search for the various retailers, distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters of this kind of product. Weight of DI K7 pipes would vary as this would be dependent on the size of the pipe. DI pipes – K7 price list, can very easily be obtained by running a few relevant searches online and getting in touch with the various sellers of this type of product. DI pipe K7 means, 7 is the pressure class of the DI pipe and 7 represents the pipe’s internal pressure withstanding capacity. Ductile iron pipe specification is as follows ANSI/AWWA C104/A21.4, ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11, ANSI/AWWA C150/A21.50, ANSI/AWWA C151/A21.51, ANSI/AWWA C105/A21.5, ANSI/AWWA C116/A21.16, ANSI/AWWA C600, ANSI/AWWA C115/A21.15, ANSI/AWWA C153/A21.53 and ANSI/AWWA C110/A21.10. DI K7 pipes specifications would vary and this would be based on the basic dimension and the thickness of the ductile iron pipes. In K7 Ductile Iron Pipes, the 7 is representative of the internal pressure withstanding capacity of this kind of ductile iron pipe.

We supply DN 1100 & DN 1200 Ductile Iron Pipes in K7 class in India. Di k7 pipes conforms to IS 8329, BS EN 545, BS EN 598, ISO 2531 Standards. K7 Centrifugally Cast (Spun) Ductile Iron Pressure Pipes for Water, Gas & Sewage, Class K7, Push-On Joints confirming to Indian Standards IS:8329:2000

Nominal Diameter(mm) Class Standard Length(m)
DN100 to DN1100 K7
  • DN100 to DN300 – 5.5m
  • DN350 to 600 – 5.5m or 6.0m
  • DN700 to 1100 – 6.0m

Properties of class k7 ductile iron pipes

Properties K7 Ductile Iron Pipe
Tensile strength Min. 420 MPa
Elongation (min) at break 10%
Modulus of Elasticity 1.7 x 1010 Kg/M2
Hardness Max. 230 BHN

Dimension of Socket and Spigot Ends Ductile Iron Pipes – Thickness Class (Class K7)

Nominal Dia of Pipe ‘DN’ External Diameter ‘DE’ Barrel Wall Thickness ‘e’
K7 K7
mm mm mm
80 98 5.0
100 118 5.0
125 144 5.0
150 170 5.0
200 222 5.0
250 274 5.3
300 326 5.6
350 378 6.0
400 429 6.3
450 480 6.6
500 532 7.0
600 635 7.7
700 738 9.0
750 790 9.7
800 842 10.4
900 945 11.2
1000 1048 12.0
1100 1152 14.4
1200 1255 15.3

Di k7 pipes pressure rating

Dimensions of socket and spigot pipes – Pressure Class

Nominal Diameter DN (mm) Pressure Class
  Preferred Class Nominal Thickness
80 C40 4.4
100 C40 4.4
150 C40 4.5
200 C40 4.7
250 C40 5.5
300 C40 6.2
350 C30 6.3
400 C30 6.5
450 C30 6.9
500 C30 7.5
600 C30 8.7
700 C25 8.8
800 C25 9.6

Ductile iron pipe k7 price list


Size Product Name Unit Of Measurement Price Per Unit
100 mm
DI S/S Pipe Class K7 Metres
150 mm
DI S/S Pipe Class K7 Metres
200 mm
DI S/S Pipe Class K7 Metres
250 mm
DI S/S Pipe Class K7 Metres
300 mm
DI S/S Pipe Class K7 Metres
350 mm
DI S/S Pipe Class K7 Metres
400 mm
DI S/S Pipe Class K7 Metres
450 mm
DI S/S Pipe Class K7 Metres
500 mm
DI S/S Pipe Class K7 Metres
600 mm
DI S/S Pipe Class K7 Metres